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Apply for the Community Solutions Program:
September 23, 2021

CSP is a four-month (August – December 2022) professional leadership development fellowship for emerging leaders age 25 – 38 working in gender equality, peace and conflict resolution, environmental issues, and governmental transparency and civic engagement. CSP offers hand-on experience and provides an opportunity for community leaders to develop leadership and technical skills to positively impact their local communities.

Why Participate:

  • Develop technical skills by collaborating with a U.S. community-based organization
  • Strengthen leadership skills through individualized coaching and a highly engaging leadership academy
  • It’s free! CSP is fully-funded by the U.S Department of State

 Application Instructions

Review the program requirements and eligibility criteria carefully prior to submitting an application. Requirements are strictly enforced. Applications must be submitted online at https://oas.irex.org/csp by October 27, 2021.  Applications that are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to IREX will not be accepted. More info on the program at IREX website: https://www.irex.org/program/community-solutions-program-application-information

If, after reviewing the application instructions, you have additional questions, please e-mail CultureKTM@state.gov