Economic Data & Reports

  1. The Ministry of Finance of the Government of Nepal announces the fiscal budget of the country and issues economic survey reports every year.  These documents are the official sources of tax administration, customs tariff, economic, and fiscal policies and variety of economic data of Nepal. Website: Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal (
  1. The Nepal Rastra Bank (Central bank) on the other hand is the official source for many macroeconomic indicators as well as well as the monetary policy of the country.  The Nepal Rastra Bank is also the controller of Nepal’s foreign exchange rates and reserves. Website: Nepal Rastra Bank (
  1. The Department of Industry (DOI) is the sole government agency for administration and regulation of domestic industries and any Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Technology Transfer in Nepal. DOI is the official source for any information on existing industries received FDI license and operating in Nepal, as well as industries seeking permission for FDI. Website: Department of Industry (
  1. The Trade and Investment Promotion Center (TEPC) is the national trade promotion organization of the Government and sources of trade related statistics. Primary responsibility of the TEPC is of promoting foreign trade in general and export trade in particular. Website:  The Trade and Investment Promotion Center (