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Contract & Grant Opportunities
October 17, 2023

The U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu seeks to enter into contracts with qualified, reliable firms with sufficient facilities, financing, and work experience for the services listed below.

MCA-Nepal Notice of Rejection of All Bids under the Electricity Transmission Project:  “Transmission Line Procurement ref MCA-N/ETP/CB/003 (docx 62KB)

MCA-Nepal Contract Award Notice for “Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision for Transmission Lines and Substations Activities for Electricity Transmission Project(docx 82KB)

Outreach Event for MCA-Nepal Program Partnership (MPP) (PDF 361KB)

MCA-Nepal Specific Procurement Notice for “Transportation Advisory Services [Transport Specialist/Economist and Transport Engineer] (2 Positions)” ref MCA-N/RMP/ICS/047 (docx 84KB)

MCA-Nepal Specific Procurement Notice for Procurement of Consultancy Services for Embedded (Resident) Advisors for Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) under the Electricity Transmission Project (Power Sector Technical Assistance Activity) in Nepal (PDF 301KB)

Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Supply and Delivery of Smartphones (Docx 37KB)
Closing date: 9/25/2023 1600hrs local time

Solicitation#19NP4023Q0014 – exterior painting of perimeter wall in the chancery (PDF 1006KB)
Solicitation#19NP4023Q0014 – cover letter (PDF 210KB)

solicitation#19NP4023Q0013 – relocaiton of septic tank at Singh house (PDF 826KB)
Solicitation# 19NP4023Q0013_cover letter (PDF 201KB)
Closing date: 9/14/2023, 1700hrs local time

Solicitation# 19NP4023Q3755 – MGT WOW conference from Dec 4-8 (PDF 906KB)
Closing date: 9/11/2023, 1700hrs local time

RFQ-19NP4023Q0011 IT service contract for American Spaces (PDF 591KB)
SOW Attachment A (PDF 196KB)
Closing date: 09/08/2023 (17:00 Nepal time)

RFQ_19NP4023Q0012_Hotel rooms and workshop space (PDF 1MB)
Closing date: 09/12/2023 (1700 Hrs Nepal time)

RFQ_19NP4023Q8418_Laboratory Centrifuge (PDF 1MB)
Closing date: 09/05/2023 (17:00 Nepal time)

RFQ-19NP4023Q0008 PR Firm service for Data Collection and Survey (PDF 726KB)
SF-30 for firm service for data collection and survey (PDF 515KB)
SOW option year (PDF 147KB)
SF-30 to extend deadline date (PDF 479KB)
Closing date : 09/05/2023.

SF-30 for canceling the solicitation (PDF 472KB)
RFQ-19NP4023Q0010 Install Hybrid Solar Power Generator System (PDF 702KB)
Attachment A-SOW (PDF 875KB)
Closing date: 09/08/2023 (17:00 Nepal time)

Consultant to Support MCA-Nepal and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in operationalizing JV Company formed between NEA and Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) (PDF 263KB)

19NP4023Q5932_Solicitation for Toyota Passenger Van or equivalent (PDF 457KB)
Closing date: 08/31/2023.

RFQ19NP4023Q6596_Solicitation for Electric vehicle (PDF 457KB)
Closing date: 08/31/2023.

Contract Opportunities IT Tools_Cables_PR11869783_19NP4023Q9783 (PDF 789KB)
Closing date: 08/30/2023.

Contract Opportunities IT Equipments_PR11872251_19NP4023Q2251 (PDF 886KB)
Closing date: 09/05/2023.

Contract Oppurtunities_DREE_FTX_Chitwan_PR11882645 (PDF 711KB)
Closing date: 08/30/2023.

RFQ 19NP4023Q5853 _Solicitation for Multifunction printer (PDF 543KB)
Closing date: 08/24/2023.

RFQ19NP4023Q7806_Solicitation for Floor tape (PDF 437KB)
Closing date: 08/23/2023.

RFQ19NP4023Q0181 _Solicitation for Water Distiller (PDF 470KB)
Closing date: 08/23/2023.

RFQ19NP4023Q0195_Solicitation for Air conditioners (PDF 459KB)
Closing date: 08/28/2023.

RFQ19NP4023Q7935 Supply & delivery of Water Filter Cartridges (PDF 458KB)
Closing date: 08/21/2023.

RFQ19NP4023Q8303_Solicitation for Electrical Power Strip & Adapters (PDF 488KB)
Closing date: 08/22/2023.

Hotel Services_KTM_19NP4023Q2572_PR11882572 (PDF 13MB)
Closing date: 08/25/2023, 1700hrs local time

RFQ# 19NP4023Q0009_ cover letter (PDF 210KB)
RFQ# 19NP4023Q0009_Solicitation (PDF 1015KB)
Closing date: 08/25/2023, 1700hrs local time

RFQ19NP4023Q1840_Solicitation for Blueair Air Purifiers (PDF 478KB)
Closing date: 08/25/2023.