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Contract & Grant Opportunities
November 28, 2022

The U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu seeks to enter into contracts with qualified, reliable firms with sufficient facilities, financing, and work experience for the services listed below.

Procurement of Plant Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Transmission Line (3 lots) (Docx 101KB)

Electricity Transmission Project (ETP) (Docx 58KB)

Request for Quotation (RFQ) for cleaning and gardening services (PDF 143KB)

Solicitation forODC-Medicine and Medical Supplies – 19NP4023Q5330 (PDF 975KB)

Closing date: 10/31/2022 (17:00 Nepal time)

Consulting Services for Forest Census and Field Verification (MCA-N/ETP/LCS/001) (Docx 37KB)

Contract Oppurtunities_PR11054886_19NP4022Q4886_Network Components – Cables (PDF 760KB)
Closing date: 9/23/2022

220809 ETP Outreach for Kathmandu and New Delhi published (Docx 59KB)

Solicitation for Hotel room booking- 19NP4022Q1904 (PDF 988KB)
Closing date: 9/13/2022

Supply & delivery of Office supplies Toners- Xerox.  Solicitation # RFQ19NP4022Q1412 (PDF 555KB)
Closing date: 9/16/2022

Contract Oppurtunities_PR10964798_Radio and Accessories (PDF 792KB)
Closing date: 9/16/2022

Contract Oppurtunities_PR11045167_19NP4022Q5167_Network Component (PDF 766KB)
Closing date: 9/14/2022

RFQ#19NP4022Q0237 _ FAC- Scaffold and parts (PDF 744KB)

Closing date: 9/8/2022

Contract Oppurtunities_PR11036918_19NP4022Q0017_Perimeter Wall and CAC painting work at Phora (PDF 23MB)
Cover Letter_Content_PR11036918_19NP4022Q0017_Perimeter Wall and CAC painting work at Phora (PDF 396KB)
Attachment #1 (PDF 316KB)
Attachment #2 (PDF 299KB)

Closing Date : 9/14/2022

Contract Oppurtunities_PR10940550_19NP4022Q0016_Multimode Fiberoptic Cable Runs and Cabling for IPTV system (PDF 15MB)