E-Teacher Scholarship Program

Since 2004, the E-Teacher Program has offered graduate level courses via distance education conducted by select U.S. universities. Participants use innovative distance learning technology to interact with U.S. experts. The program covers costs of tuition and course materials, which are sent from the university directly to each participant. In general, each course lasts from 10-12 weeks and takes approximately 10 hours per week of a participant’s time. Participants who successfully complete any of the courses receive one certificate from the U.S. Embassy and one from the university that administers the course.

The current courses available are the following:

  1. Introduction to Pedagogy and Practices for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Methods)
  2. Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web (Web Skills)
  3. Practical Applications in Language and Learning Skills (PALSS)
  4. Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL)
  5. Teaching English to Pre-teens and Teens (TEPT)
  6. English for Specific Purposes, Aligning Context with Practices and Materials (ESP)
  7. Special Education and Differentiated Instruction in EFL Contexts (SpEd EFL)
  8. Summative and Formative Assessment in Language Learning and Teaching (Assessment)
  9. Critical Thinking in Language Learning and Teaching (CT)

Preferred candidates for the E-Teacher Program will have the following qualifications:

  • Be citizens of Nepal and currently reside in Nepal;
  • Have not participated in an E-Teacher course before;
  • Be leaders or potential leaders in education, teacher trainers, or teachers who are working, or plan to work, with the subject covered by the course;
  • Be in a position to relay and share the information and knowledge gained from the course;
  • Be highly motivated individuals, dedicated to their own professional development, and willing and to share the knowledge gained with colleagues through workshops or professional presentations;
  • Be willing and able to cope with U.S. university graduate level intensive academic work, i.e., have advanced level reading and writing skills, roughly equivalent to a minimum TOEFL score of 550;
  • Have a good command of the necessary vocabulary for the topic of the course;
  • Have a general understanding of and familiarity with technical terms in English relating to computers, the Internet, and web browsers;
  • Have the ability to navigate in Windows and create a Word document;
  • Have the ability to type in English well enough to submit written assignment in a timely manner; and
  • Have regular access to e-mail and the Internet.
  • Provide at least two reliable professional/academic references.

Application form (PDF 269 KB)