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Emergency Assistance
February 22, 2022

Local authorities are generally the best first responder in emergency situations.  Many local resources are available by phone, although it may become necessary to flag down an officer or visit a local police or government office.

In the event of an emergency, dial 100 to contact the police in Nepal.  This number is equivalent to “911” in the United States, and it is staffed 24/7 by the local police. Their toll free number is 16600141916.

Tourist Police have good English language skills and are often a better point of contact for foreigners than the regular police.  They generally stand ready to assist in popular tourism areas. Dial 1144 for tourist police hotline number.  The Tourist Police Office is located at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Tourist Service Center Building.

Tourist police telephone directory is available for quick reference.

Dial 101 for fire.
Dial 102 for ambulance service.
Dial 103 for traffic control.
Dial 197 for telephone inquiry.

U.S. citizens requiring emergency assistance may contact the U.S. Embassy at any time.  For an emergency involving death, arrest, serious illness or injury, or anything that threatens the life or safety of a U.S. citizen in Nepal, call +977-01-423-4000.  During normal business hours, tell the operator that you have a U.S. citizen emergency and ask to be transferred to the American Citizen Services Unit.  After normal business hours, describe your U.S. citizen emergency to the operator and ask to be connected with the Duty Officer, who is on-call at all times for emergency situations involving the life and safety of U.S. citizens, but cannot assist in any way with visa inquiries or routine services.  If the primary number does not work, you can also call the analog back-up number, +977-01-423-4500.

The State Department’s Office of Overseas Citizens Services also stands ready to assist.  From the United States and Canada, dial +1-888-407-4747 and from overseas dial +1-202-501-4444.  General information on the range of emergency services that the office of Overseas Citizen Service makes available to U.S. citizens overseas  is available at http://travel.state.gov .

(The “+” sign indicates your international dialing prefix, which is 011 in the United States and 00 in most other countries.  For example, if dialed from the United States, the normal business hours number is 011-977-1-423-4000.)