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Emergency Financial Assistance
October 26, 2023

The most efficient way to get money to a U.S. citizen in Nepal is to deposit money in that person’s U.S. bank account and have the person withdraw the money in Nepal using an ATM card. Friends or family in the United States can also book hotel rooms, plane tickets, etc, online and pay with a credit card. If these option is not possible, we suggest wiring money through Western Union or similar commercial services. Please note that a recipient must have photo identification and a valid visa status in Nepal in order to receive a Western Union transfer in Nepal.

In a genuine emergency, a U.S. citizen can have funds transferred to Embassy Kathmandu from friends or family back home through the Office of Overseas Citizens Services (OCS), Department of State, Washington, DC. Please contact OCS at +1-888-407-4747 (from overseas: +1-202-501-4444) for information on how to send money. When the Embassy receives notification from the State Department, funds are released to the recipient in Nepali rupees or U.S. dollars. This service is for true emergencies only when time does not allow transfer of funds through normal banking channels. Funds should not exceed the amount needed to resolve the emergency situation and cannot not be used for commercial transactions.

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