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Fingerprinting Services
May 29, 2021

The Embassy can provide fingerprinting services on a limited basis, only for the cases referred by the USCIS (U.S. Citizens Immigration System) office including overseas adoption.  If you need fingerprinting services, please email at consktm@state.gov to schedule an appointment on a Tuesday or Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.  You must provide your full name, date of birth, passport number, as well as your current height and weight.

Fingerprinting services fee is not accepted at the U.S. Embassy Kathmandu anymore.

If you require fingerprinting services for any other purpose while in Kathmandu, contact the Character Verification Section of the Central Investigation Bureau at Police Headquarters in Naxal.  After you present copies of your passport and visa, the office will issue a letter referring you to the Central Police Science and Laboratory office for fingerprinting.  The service is free of cost and can be completed in less than one day.  The office will use a fingerprinting card that you provide or use their own if you do not have a required format.  This fingerprinting service is accepted worldwide.

For detailed information, please see: https://cid.nepalpolice.gov.np/index.php/notices/police-clearance-report

Character Verification Section
Police Headquarters, Naxal
Phone: +977-01-4412783
Email: chalchalan@nepalpolice.gov.np

Central Police Science and Laboratory Office
Bidhi Bigyan Prayogshala, Samakoshi
Phone: +977-01-4414643