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Funding for Family Planning Programs in Nepal Increased Nearly $5 Million in Last Three Years
November 6, 2019

Press Release Newspaper Roll
Press Release Newspaper Roll

The U.S. Mission in Nepal is proud of our long history of health partnerships and programs in Nepal dating back to the 1950s.  Particularly, the United States remains committed to helping Nepali women and their children thrive.  Recently, there have been mischaracterizations in the media and misinformation circulated about our reproductive health programs.  Today, our commitment to supporting Nepal’s health and family planning programs remains strong.  We have not reduced our funding for Nepal by even one dollar.  In fact, our United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funding for family planning has increased from just over $12 million to nearly $17 million over the past three years.  USAID’s assistance supported the government of Nepal to institutionalize reproductive health services throughout Nepal and trainlocal health workers.  The free public services offered by the government are further complemented by services provided by the Nepali private sector.  To be clear, our commitment to partnering with Nepal to improve health for women has not changed.  We will continue our targeted investments in healthcare to ensure Nepalis are healthier in the generations to come.