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Health Alert – U.S. Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
April 2, 2020

Location:  Nepal Countrywide

Event:  COVID-19 Response

Good morning, STEP registrants, especially those interested in or leaning toward participating in a second repatriation flight to return to the U.S. First, we need to stress again that a second flight is not confirmed yet, but we are moving toward being able to confirm a flight for midday on Sunday, April 5. From the response we have been monitoring for a second flight, there should be no expectation that there will be a third flight. So, if any of you reading this email have been on the fence about returning to the U.S., this will very likely be the last chance to depart Nepal before commercial flights resume. We want to be clear that by deciding not to avail yourself of this flight, assuming it is confirmed, you are deciding to remain in Nepal, shelter in place, and await the resumption of commercial service options, however long that takes.

Overnight the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Consular Affairs Ian Brownlee reached out to all U.S. Embassies and Consulates telling us, “The Department of State is making every effort to assist U.S. citizens overseas who wish to return to the United States. But as the COVID-19 situation develops, our ability to provide such assistance, whether working with commercial airlines or arranging for evacuation flights, may become more limited or even unavailable.

“I really want to encourage you to stress this to your audiences: If U.S. citizens wish to return to the United States, they should make arrangements to do so now, and contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for assistance as needed now. There’s no guarantee the Department of State will be able to continue to provide repatriation assistance, and transportation options from many countries to the United States may become unavailable in the future, even in a few weeks’ time. Those who choose to remain overseas should be prepared to remain there for the foreseeable future.”

Just in case you missed yesterday’s message the link below is a second/new link for an online survey form much like the one we used for the first flight. Only those who are “absolutely certain” to “fairly certain” to participate in an upcoming flight need to fill out the form immediately, so we will be aware of your interest. For those planning to shelter in place in Nepal, there is no need for you to fill out the form.


For those U.S. citizens still outside Kathmandu, if you have not made contact with the District Administration Office/Chief District Officer (CDO) for the district where you currently are, you risk not being able to get to Kathmandu before tomorrow’s (Friday) deadline to move to Kathmandu. If you do not reach Kathmandu today or tomorrow, you will not be able to return to the U.S. on the repatriation flight.  If you are in this situation, contact the District Administration Office right away.  Please do not delay.  Also please reach out to us at consktm@state.gov to let us know where you are and inform us about your plan to return to Kathmandu. You may wish to contact NTB directly as well. (https://www.welcomenepal.com/; email: crisiscell@ntb.org.np)

Finally, just so there is no misunderstanding about any flight charges for which you will be responsible, you will be required to complete U.S. government form DS-5528, Evacuee Manifest and Promissory Note. This commits you to reimbursing the U.S. government for the flight later after you arrive in the U.S. You will not pay anything before or on the day of the flight.  Approximate pricing information, though subject to change and contingent upon flight confirmation, is as follows:

Adults:  $1,375 per person; children:  $1,100; infants:  $130

(Please note:  We do not yet have the specific age information for children.)

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