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Health Alert – U.S. Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
April 3, 2020

Location:  Nepal Countrywide

Event:  COVID-19 Response

Good morning to all on day 11 of the lockdown countrywide in Nepal.  Overnight we received the very good news that our request for a second repatriation flight to the U.S. was approved.  So, we can now confirm a 12:15 pm departure for the charter flight on Sunday, April 5, operated by Qatar Airways.  At this time, it is looking like we will be able to accommodate all U.S. citizens from whom we have heard they have a high commitment to join this flight.  This is a great relief for us to be able to accommodate the remaining number of interested U.S. citizens.  It also confirms for us that there will not be a need to request a third repatriation flight at this time.  All U.S. citizens who have not expressed interest in this flight must plan to be here in Nepal, sheltering in place, at least until such time as commercial flight service to and from Nepal resumes.

There is still time, however, for U.S. citizens who may have changed their minds this morning and are now absolutely certain of their desire to return to the U.S. to indicate their interest in the flight.  Please complete the second online survey form, which can be accessed at the following link:  https://bit.ly/39qXY3G.  At Embassy closing time today (Friday), we will be closing this link, so we ask those who need to complete the form to go to the link immediately.  Following closure of the link, U.S. citizens can still contact us at our continually monitored email box consktm@state.gov or through our Embassy main number 01 423 4000.

Many U.S. citizens who had been outside Kathmandu were able to procure transportation yesterday to return to Kathmandu, and we have been in contact with them.  For any U.S. citizen still trying to get to Kathmandu, it is critically important that you make contact immediately with the District Administration Office/Chief District Officer (CDO) for the district where you are currently to arrange transportation to Kathmandu.  If you do not reach Kathmandu today (Friday), you will not be able to return to Kathmandu until after the lockdown lifts, as the Government of Nepal will disallow any passenger road transport after today.  Hence, you will not be able to return to the U.S. on Sunday’s repatriation flight.  Also please reach out to us at consktm@state.gov to let us know where you are and inform us about your plan to return to Kathmandu.  You may wish to contact the Nepal Tourism Board directly as well, as they have been facilitating transportation options and permission.  (https://www.welcomenepal.com/; email: crisiscell@ntb.org.np)

As mentioned yesterday completion of U.S. government form DS-5528, Evacuee Manifest and Promissory Note for Sunday’s flight commits you to reimbursing the U.S. government for the flight after arrival in the U.S.  You will not pay anything before or on the day of the flight.  Approximate pricing information, though subject to change, is as follows:

Adults:  $1,375 per person; children:  $1,100; infants:  $130

(Please note:  Specific age information for children is not yet available.)

One additional detail about Sunday’s repatriation flight is especially critical.  There is a luggage allowance of two bags per person, up to 23 kg each.  This limit will be strictly adhered to.  Those with bags over this limit will not be allowed to be processed for the flight.  There is no provision for being able to pay for excess luggage.  Please ensure that you observe this limitation closely.

Finally, the flight on Sunday is a charter flight procured by the U.S. government; it just happens to be operated by Qatar Airways.  The flight is not a regularly scheduled flight and has no connection with any previously existing relationship between an individual passenger and Qatar Airways.  Therefore, any frequent flyer program level or status that an individual passenger has attained through Qatar Airways will not be honored for this charter flight.


Actions to Take:

  • Consult the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population website for the latest updates on the health situation in Nepal.
  • Consult the Government of Nepal’s Immigration Department website for the latest updates about immigration restrictions in Nepal.
  • Consult the U.S. Embassy website for updates on Nepal-specific COVID-19 information, entry to and exit from Nepal, quarantine information, and for other local resource contact information.