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Internship Program at USAID/NEPAL
August 7, 2019

USAID/Nepal announces opportunities for internships to interested and qualified individuals from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities, to participate in a one year internship program in the following areas:

  1. Health office intern

Position Summary: The overall objective of the internship is for the incumbent to gain an understanding of the public health profession and health development issues from a donor perspective, and to prepare him or her for employment or further education in the field of public health.  This position will be based at the Health Office (HO) within the Mission.  The incumbent reports directly to the HO Mentor for matters relating to the internship program.

  1. Social, environmental and economic development office intern

Position Summary:The Social, Environmental and Economic Development (SEED) Office is responsible for implementing USAID/Nepal’s economic growth portfolio, including programs on natural resource management, energy, food security and agriculture, and improving the resilience of vulnerable populations.  The SEED Intern will work across the Office’s Environment and Energy, Food Security and Agriculture, and Resilience Teams, as well as the Office’s Project Management Unit and will assist in the implementation of USAID’s development portfolio in Nepal. The Intern will report directly to the designated mentor from the SEED Office during the twelve month Internship Program.

  1. Democracy and Governance Office intern

Position Summary: The Democracy and Governance Office intern will support USAID/Nepal development assistance activities in this sector.  The intern will be a highly motivated individual interested in the development field, especially in Democracy and Governance sectors, and wishes to continue further education or seek employment upon completion of Internship program.  The Democracy and Governance Office includes activities involving Elections and Political Process, Human Trafficking, Conflict and Governance.  The intern will report directly to the designated mentor during the twelve month internship program.


Position Summary The overall objective of the internship is for the incumbent to gain an understanding of the public infrastructure reconstruction activities and disaster risk reduction related activities from a donor perspective.  This position will be based at the Disaster Risk Reduction Reconstruction and Resilience Office (DR4) within the Mission.  The incumbent reports directly to the DR4 Mentor for matters relating to the internship program.


Position Summary The intern will be housed in the Executive Office.  As EXO intern the incumbent will engage in various administrative support functions carried out by the Human Resources Office and the Communication and Records Office. The EXO Intern reports directly to the designated EXO mentor on matters relating to the program. 

Please visit USAID/Nepal website at http://www.usaid.gov/nepal/careers for detailed descriptions of each internship position and the qualification requirements or contact USAID/Nepal Human Resources Office at USAIDNepalHR@usaid.gov

Interested applicants should submit a recent resume and an application letter that outlines your interest and qualifications for the internship with USAID/Nepal.  Please clearly specify the position you are applying for and send your application to the attention of USAID/Nepal Human Resources Office no later than August 23, 2019.  Applications may be sent electronically to the USAID/HR email address at: USAIDNepalHR@usaid.gov    Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

The duration of each internship program will be for one year starting on or about October 2019 and ending in October 2020. 

Only short listed applicants will be contacted to participate in the hiring process. 

The five interns selected to participate in the program will each be provided a monthly stipend during the one year internship program. 

For the Internship Program, USAID welcomes applicants from disadvantaged, underrepresented, and/or underserved groups in Nepal because of caste (e.g., Dalits), disability, ethnicity (e.g., indigenous), gender identification (e.g., intersex, third gender, transgender), geographic origin (e.g., Madhesi, remote rural areas), religion (e.g., Muslims), and/or sexual orientation (e.g., lesbian, gay, bisexual), among other factors. 

  1. PD DG Intern (PDF 132KB)
  2. PD DR4 Intern (PDF 189KB)
  3. PD EXO Intern (PDF 195KB)
  4. PD HO Intern (PDF 190KB)
  5. PD SEED Intern (PDF 129KB)