“Makerspace” Opens at U.S. Embassy’s Innovation Hub

July 28, 2016

Kathmandu – The U.S. Embassy today opened a new Makerspace at the Embassy-supported Innovation Hub located inside the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry building in Teku.  A “Makerspace” is a place that supports hands-on learning in an informal, creativity-focused environment where people gather to share resources and knowledge.

The U.S. Embassy opened the Makerspace to encourage entrepreneurship by providing a technology-centered space where young Nepali innovators and entrepreneurs can explore and develop a culture of creating and nurture peer-to-peer learning in an informal setting.  This space includes new technology, including 3D printers and laser cutters, that will allow entrepreneurs to design and create new products.

“Makerspaces are dynamic additions to our American Spaces worldwide. This space will give Nepali students, entrepreneurs, and citizens access to modern tools to design, build and manufacture just about anything,” said Macon Phillips, Coordinator for the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) at the Department of State.  “We hope to see many young new entrepreneurs emerge from Nepal through the use of our makerspace.”

The Innovation Hub American Space in Teku provides Nepalis free access to objective information, and is also a place for entrepreneurs to meet and work on their new business ideas.  Six of the eight American Spaces in Nepal are located outside of the capital and serve as venues where local residents can be exposed  to American culture and ideals.

The U.S. Embassy is partnering with Karkhana, an education company with a unique approach to learning to run this Makerspace.  Karkhana teachers – engineers, designers, artists, scientists – have turned the space into a lab for discovery.