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September 25, 2022

NDI statement on forged document Nepal


The National Democratic Institute (NDI) has been made aware of a forged document being circulated on social media. The statements made in the document are falsely attributed to NDI and the document itself is a forgery. NDI is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization that has conducted programs in Nepal for nearly three decades working in partnership with the Government of Nepal and citizen groups on multi-party and parliamentary development, voter and civic education, domestic election observation, and youth and women’s political empowerment.

As Nepal heads into a critical election period, such forgeries and disinformation may be circulated increasingly to undermine the democratic process. We urge citizens to remain vigilant and to rely on official news sources to ensure they are receiving accurate information on the electoral process.

For more information, please contact media@ndi.org

NDI-statement-on-forged-document-Nepal (PDF 194KB)