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Diplomatic Note/No Objection Letter
June 21, 2023

Diplomatic Note/No Objection Letters (PDF 290KB)

American citizens conducting routine business in Nepal are sometimes asked to present a “Letter of Introduction” or “No Objection Letter” from the Embassy. These requests are common, for example, when a U.S. citizen tries to buy a vehicle in Nepal or apply for a visa to a third country. Please note that the Embassy does not issue individual letters and Embassy permission is not, in reality, required for these purposes.

The Embassy has notified the Government of Nepal of this policy through an official diplomatic note. American citizens may print this document (see sidebar) and present it to the authority that has requested a letter. The citizen may also print this page of the Embassy website. This information may help the authorities to understand the Embassy’s policy against the issuance of such letters.

American citizens who require a “No Objection” letter in order to register a local marriage should make an online appointment to sign an “Affidavit for Eligibility to Marry.” Citizens are always welcome to make a notarial appointment to sign a self-serving affidavit before a notary at the Embassy. We have both common affidavits and blank templates available. An affidavit – a formal legal document on Embassy letterhead with signature and seal – may prove helpful in a variety of settings.

Please email us at consktm@state.gov if you have any questions or concerns about “No Objection” letters.