U.S. Embassy Fosters Youth Disaster Preparedness

November 15, 2019

The U.S. Embassy was pleased to send three members of its Civil Military Support Element to the Adrasha Secondary School in Biratnagar, Nepal to teach Nepali youth about disaster preparedness. Embassy representatives worked with the American Corner in Biratnagar to reach more than 100 students. They discussed the importance of proactive planning for natural, technological, and man-made disasters, and what individual students can do to prepare themselves and their families. Students and Embassy representatives discussed making survival kits, what to do immediately after a disaster occurs, and bandaging and splinting techniques, which enable students to move family members and neighbors to higher levels of medical care.

Principal Tulashi Prasad Dulal stated, “It is an honor to have you teaching disaster preparedness to these young students because it is something no other nation has come to talk about. Exposure to this topic is needed to reinforce what the students already learn through their teachers.” The exchange with the Adrasha Secondary School students also allowed the Nepali students and Americans to learn more about each other’s cultures, as well as practice English together.