U.S. Embassy “Girls in Tech” Program Request for Proposals


The U.S. Embassy maintains nine American Spaces across Nepal that offer programming, reference materials, films, computers and other valuable resources to local residents. The American Spaces serve as important outreach tools that engage with people and share information about American culture, policies and goals. Every year, thousands of people across Nepal are served by the American Spaces, participating in the programming they offer and using the many available resources.

The U.S. Embassy wishes to provide a “Girls in Tech” program that will train girls in our two spaces in Kathmandu and travel to each of our American Corners throughout Nepal, where access to technology and tech education is often limited. The program will train girls in the use of the latest technologies and how best to use them to advance their studies and future careers. The intent is to train and empower girls, giving them skills that can lead to further studies and, eventually, to better economic opportunities.

Program Description and Requirements

 “Girls in Tech” will consist of a minimum three-day training (to be repeated in each of the eight spaces) that will focus on technology basics and the use of technology for personal growth. Examples include introduction to hardware; use of software and the internet to assist with English Language Learning; use of Massive Open Online Courses; introduction to coding; the use of social media as a tool for girls empowerment in rural Nepal; introduction to “making” and the link between “making” and entrepreneurship; and practical instruction on how technology applies to various industries of particular relevance in Nepal, such as agriculture, textiles, tourism, and transportation. The programming may need to be individually tailored to the specific needs of each region where we have American Corners.

Successful proposals will include the following elements in their project narrative:

– A clear and detailed budget for a minimum 3-day program in each of the following locations, including travel costs: Kathmandu, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, Dhangadhi, Ilam, Pokhara, and Surkhet.

-Program information detailing your vision for the workshops. This could include programming specific to regional needs in the locations listed above.

– A staffing plan with information on the qualifications of the program specialist(s).

– An explanation of how you or your organization plans to maintain regular communication and coordination with US Embassy staff.


The US Embassy will be responsible for:

– Providing laptops, computers, a projector, and other program equipment.

– Procuring and delivering distributable materials.

-Providing space and coordinating programming dates with our participating American Spaces.

The partner organization will be responsible for:

– Obtaining necessary security support for the equipment when traveling.

The project proposal should include a detailed budget, including cost-sharing (if applicable). The U.S. Embassy will provide funding up to $20,000, depending on available resources, for the total program.

Application Procedures and Deadline

For proposals to be considered, they must include the following information on the organization’s letterhead:

– Organization contact information

– DUNS number (see under “Eligibility” below)

– Background of organization and leaders

– Project narrative

– Budget

Proposals should be submitted via email with the subject “Girls in Tech Proposal” no later than June 17, 2016 to culturektm@state.gov

Selection Process

The U.S. Embassy will review all proposals submitted by the deadline. If additional information is required, the US Embassy may contact organizations after the deadline.


Any non-governmental organization may submit a proposal. Cost-sharing or matching is encouraged but is not required.

In order to receive funding from the U.S. Embassy an organization must have a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number. Detailed instructions on how to obtain a DUNS number at no cost is available at http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform.

Reporting Requirements

The selected organization is required to submit weekly reports on activities as per Embassy guidelines. Additionally, a final report must be submitted at the conclusion of the project. The organization must also submit all financial records to the U.S. Embassy to close out the project.