U.S. Embassy Hosts the Nepal-U.S. Alumni Network (NUSAN) Regional Connectivity Symposium

July 19, 2019

Kathmandu – The U.S. Embassy, in partnership with the Nepal-US Alumni Network (NUSAN), organized a half-day Regional Connectivity Symposiusm on July 19.  The event welcomed more than 120 attendees, including U.S. government exchange program alumni, government officials, students, and journalists. Ambassador Randy W. Berry spoke at the opening ceremony, sharing that “the U.S. Embassy sponsors events like these not to dictate the discussion, but to encourage a free exchange of ideas and building of relationships that—we hope—will culminate in feasible and indigenously generated solutions to the challenges Nepal faces, both now and in the future.”

Presenters spoke about a variety of topics, including the development of data protection and privacy frameworks and how Nepal’s unique location creates a geographical advantage for tourism and hydropower development. The event helped identify policies and strategies that strengthen Nepal’s position as a self-reliant, independent, and resilient partner to its regional neighbors and beyond.

This event is the 4th in a series of programs the U.S. Embassy and NUSAN have partnered on over the past year: NUSAN has previously hosted seminars on the topics of Transparency and Accountability, Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience, and Women in Entrepreneurship.