U.S. Embassy Launches New “BookTuk” Mobile Library

Kathmandu – The U.S. Embassy in Nepal launched a new, electric-powered mobile library at Padma Kanya Higher Secondary School in Dillibazar.  The “BookTuk” is the latest addition to the U.S. Embassy’s mobile Book Bus library fleet.  U.S. Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz and Coordinator for the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) at the Department of State Macon Phillips inaugurated the BookTuk at the launch ceremony today.

The BookTuk is a refurbished Safa Tempo electric vehicle that also features solar-powered wireless internet.  Because of its small size, the BookTuk can reach inner city locations in the Kathmandu Valley.  The mobile internet access gives BookTuk visitors access to educational websites and helps them learn how to use computer technology.  Powered by clean energy, the BookTuk will not adversely impact the environment and can reach areas that the other Book Bus vehicles could not reach due to narrow roads and turns.

“I am excited to introduce BookTuk as our new addition to the range of American Spaces in Nepal,” said Coordinator Macon Phillips.  “Taking the small, but meaningful step to lower the damage on environment is what each of us can do and BookTuk is our small step in that direction,” said Ambassador Teplitz.

Through the BookTuk project, the U.S. Embassy will also donate books to young readers in both English and Nepali.   The goal is to inspire young people with a desire to read, to share American culture, and to help people to improve their English language skills.   The Book Bus and BookTuk projects are part of the U.S Embassy-sponsored network of American Spaces across Nepal.