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USAID Nepal and Government of Nepal Joint Portfolio Review Strengthens Partnership and Collaboration
August 11, 2023

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Nepal and the Government of Nepal successfully concluded the Joint Portfolio Review (JPR) 2023 today. The event proved to be an exceptional platform for enhancing mutual understanding, accountability, and collaboration between the two entities, further solidifying their partnership.

Building upon the success of the previous review, the JPR 2023 promoted joint efforts to address development challenges in Nepal and align strategies for the benefit of its citizens. The event showcased significant accomplishments achieved through USAID’s partnership with the Government and people of Nepal and identified areas for further collaboration towards shared development goals.

Ambassador Dean R. Thompson, U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, emphasized the importance of the JPR, stating, “Today’s Joint Portfolio Review is an excellent platform to share our joint achievements and lessons learned. We are here to discuss future areas of cooperation to further strengthen our partnership in critical areas such as health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, economic growth, women and girls’ empowerment, disaster risk management, governance, environment, civil society and media, and business development.”

The JPR comprised two essential sessions: the inaugural and the technical sessions. The honorable Minister of Finance of Nepal, Ambassador Thompson and USAID Nepal’s Mission Director Sepideh Keyvanshad delivered their opening remarks at the inaugural session, setting the tone for productive discussions and outcomes.

USAID Nepal and the Government of Nepal expressed their commitment to deepening their partnership and fostering positive change for the people of Nepal. The Joint Portfolio Review reaffirms the principles of transparency, cooperation, and accountability, driving collective efforts towards a more prosperous and sustainable future for the nation.